Small Groups – Why do you need one?

It’s pretty easy —- and often convenient — to just show up at church and then only “connect” our lives through social media.  Yet to be healthy, we need more than facebook; we need face time!  As the body of Christ, we were designed to live in community, to bear one another’s burdens, to pray for each other, to hear each others heart, and to engage the truths being taught from the scriptures.  In other words, we were created to do life together.

Our Small Groups are called CORE and are our main way of connecting with each other outside of Sunday morning. CORE stands for “Connecting Ourselves Reaching Everyone.”  

Deepening Relationships & Caring For One Another

CORE Groups help us make new friends and grow closer with one another in Christ.  Being in a CORE Group will be able to react quickly when there is a need. Being involved in a CORE Group ensures that you will be known and cared for.

Finally, CORE Groups enable us to dive deeper into God’s word, unpacking His truth as we dialogue and share with each other.

  • Some CORE Groups have married couples with lots of kids and other groups meet only as adults
  • CORE Groups meet twice a month (2nd & 4th Sundays)
  • CORE Groups gather in homes of some of our church members at various times and in various locations around the community

Connecting is easy, just contact the church office to find the groups meeting near you!