See What is Awana all about?

September 7 

 Wednesdays  6:15 PM – 8:15 PM

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What is AWANA?     

Awana is a Bible-based youth program for kids three years old through the 6th grade.  The entire community is welcome!  The emphasis is on life long discipleship.  This unique program is a proven outreach ministry that gets children involved in learning God’s word and developing a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  The three segments in the club evening are the game time, and small and large group times.

Handbook Time

Club attenders use this time to recite Scripture that has been carefully selected to emphasize God’s plan of salvation and how to live daily as Christians. Clubbers work with one Leader throughout the whole year and the leadership ratio is about 1 Leader for every 6 clubbers. Children benefit from the relationships they build with their Leader. Leaders attend a training seminar to help them work with the children in club. Clubbers earn awards they wear on a uniform that encourages participation in all facets of club.

Game Time 

The key to Awana’s success is often stated as GAME TIME because most clubbers will tell you this is their favorite part of club night. Clubbers participate in exciting team games on the Awana Circle.  Awana games are fun! Clubbers learn teamwork, sharing, and discipline.

Large Group Time

Large Group time is when the club Director or Leaders share a Gospel message with the clubbers. Many times these messages tell stories about real life situations. Clubbers learn about missionaries and how God sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. Audio and visual aids catch a child’s attention and convey a spiritual truth that they can remember for the rest of their lives.

AWANA Clubs & Ages
Cubbies – Age 3 (By September 3) – Pre K
Sparks – Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
T&T – 3rd Grade through 6th Grade
Registration Fees For 2021-2022 Program
  • One Child – $30
  • Two Children (same family) – $55
  • Three Children (same family) – $75
  • Four or more Children (same family) – $90
Books & Uniforms
  • Cubbies Age  3 (By September 3)
     – Pre K) – (Handbook $9 – Vest $11 – Cubbies Bag $7)
  • Sparks (Grades K – 2) – (Handbook $9 – Vest $11 – Sparks Bag $7)
  • T&T (3rd Grade – 6th Grade) – (Handbook $9 – Uniform Shirt $15 – T&T Sling Bag $10)

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